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Therapy Animal Certification

Service Animal CertificationService Animal CertificationService Animal Certification

You deserve the emotional support from your pet no matter where you are, and that includes when you have to travel!

Through our animal therapy division, Divine Therapy Pets LLC, In HIS Image offers certification for your emotional support animal. With our certification letter, your pet can accompany you on an airplane, train, or bus – free of charge! You can also take your pet inside facilities that are open to the public, like restaurants, hotels, and airports.

Dr. Amy Holland offers same-day medical evaluations to determine your need for a therapy animal. Upon completing your evaluation, she can often provide your certification letter right away! And if you need a way to keep your animal close, we also offer therapy pet vests. You’ll have everything you need to travel comfortably with your pet!

Come Meet Our Pets!

At In HIS Image, we always keep therapy animals on hand to comfort our patients and increase their emotional wellbeing. Stop by and say hello! We also sell Bengal and Kurilian cats through our catteries, BengalTherapy and CatPal.

Our Pets



Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Sepia Snow Bengal



Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Longhair Mackerel and White Kurilian Bobtail



#1 Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair, Supreme Grand Champion Sunpride's Harmonia of CatPal

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to bring my therapy pet to the evaluation?

Yes, your pet needs to accompany you during your evaluation. To determine qualification, we must assess you and your pet together.

How does your certification letter help me?

To travel with your therapy pet, you need a letter from a physician. With the certification letter in hand, airlines are required to accommodate you and your animal companion at no additional cost. Your pet will also be permitted to enter any public establishment because its presence at your side is considered a medical necessity.

What kinds of animals can you certify?

We support the use of virtually any type of therapy animal! That said, dogs and cats are the most common animals for which Dr. Holland provides certification.

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